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NBA Playoffs: Division by Division Breakdown

NBA Playoffs price per head predictionsThe excitement is growing as we near the NBA playoffs and we now know most of the teams going to the playoffs.

In the Atlantic division the Toronto Raptors have clinched a playoff berth, but have yet to clinch the division. They still need a few more wins, and with only 10 games left to play, this team needs most of them.

The Boston Celtics are 11 games behind Toronto, and have 11 games left, so if the Raptors completely flop then Boston could tie. Highly unlikely of course, but must keep this in mind.

In the Central Division both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls have a playoff berth. The Bulls have only 9 games left to play and trail the Cavs by 3 wins. The Cavaliers also have 9 games left.

Friday the Cavs are at the Brooklyn Nets, and this should be an easy win for the Cavs as they already beat the Nets the first 3 earlier in the season. With no injuries and a day of rest they look to add another to their 47 wins.

Nets trainer Tim Walsh helps save scout Jim Sann’s life

Tim Walsh Brooklyn NetsThis season, Nets trainer Tim Walsh not only helped save one life, but two, becoming a real hero with the team’s fans and pay per head services.

It was reported that Jim Sann, advance scout, suffered what was a mild heart attack during practice held on Sunday, and he entered cardiac arrest, but Walsh and Brooklyn’s training staff were able to keep him alive as they performed CPR and used a defibrillator.

“It was definitely one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” said Deron Williams, point guard for the Nets. “I just pray (Jim) makes a full, speedy recovery and he gets back out there.”

Coach Lionel Hollins then said: “We’re thankful that Jim is alive and everything worked out for him. Tim did his job, and he did it good.”

“It’s miraculous,” Sann said. “It’s even beyond miraculous.”

Basketball Betting: Noah gets $15,000 fine for profanity-laced tirade

Joakim NoahJoakim Noah was given a $15,000 fine after swearing at officials during the Chicago Bulls’ 99-70 loss on Monday night to the Sacramento Kings. Basketball betting fans saw the player’s reaction and were shocked, to say the least.

Pay per head sportsbooks and basketball betting fans saw that Noah, who in the third quarter was automatically ejected after receiving his second technical foul, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade on the game’s three referees, pointing individually at each and screaming “F— you!” before being escorted off the floor.

Noah – a favourite with fans all over the world that follow the NBA and European basketball odds – apologised for his actions after the game, which was Sacramento’s first win in eight games.