Basketball Betting: Thibodeau said that Rose is making progress

Derrick RoseHead coach Tom Thibodeau said that Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls star point guard, is “doing fine,” but still isn’t ready to sit on the bench as his rehab from right knee surgery continues, and the player’s basketball betting fans are happy to know that he’s making progress.

“He’s doing fine,” Thibodeau said. “Doing fine — coming along.”

Pay per head sportsbooks and basketball betting fans learned that Rose, who on November 22 tore his right knee’s medial meniscus and is receiving treatment, was seen around the Bulls’ practice facility intermittently.

Thibodeau said that the player is closer to sitting on the bench with the rest of the team, but not yet, and pay per head sportsbooks know that many fans, especially those that follow the NBA and European basketball odds, are knocking on wood.

“Yeah, probably in the next few weeks,” Thibodeau said. “He’s still … he’s on a crutch and he’s got his brace, so I don’t want him sitting there when he’s like that.”

Basketball betting fans were very concerned when they found out that Rose was ruled out for the season following his surgery, but were somewhat relieved to learn that the door for a possible playoff return was left open when he first spoke to reporters a few weeks ago. Few within the organization and some pay per head sportsbooks expect that to happen despite his comments, especially considering much the team struggled to win without the player.

Rose wasn’t able to do much rehab work, but the coach was satisfied with his recent progress, and basketball betting fans all over the world were very happy to hear this.

“He can lift with his upper body and do all his rehab stuff,” Thibodeau said. “He’s starting to move around a little bit more now. He can go in the pool and things like that.”

Also, pay per head sportsbooks found out that Luol Deng (Achilles) said that he was still a little sore and was “most likely” out. Joakim Noah (hip) went through all of the shootaround, and basketball betting fans are confident that he’ll return to action sooner than expected.

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“It’s better,” Deng said. “It’s better. Not all the way yet but it’s better.”

Price per head services know how important Rose is to the Bulls, and many fans that follow the NBA and European basketball odds are absolutely confident that he’ll bounce back without any major setbacks.