NBA Playoffs: Division by Division Breakdown

NBA Playoffs price per head predictionsThe excitement is growing as we near the NBA playoffs and we now know most of the teams going to the playoffs.

In the Atlantic division the Toronto Raptors have clinched a playoff berth, but have yet to clinch the division. They still need a few more wins, and with only 10 games left to play, this team needs most of them.

The Boston Celtics are 11 games behind Toronto, and have 11 games left, so if the Raptors completely flop then Boston could tie. Highly unlikely of course, but must keep this in mind.

In the Central Division both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls have a playoff berth. The Bulls have only 9 games left to play and trail the Cavs by 3 wins. The Cavaliers also have 9 games left.

Friday the Cavs are at the Brooklyn Nets, and this should be an easy win for the Cavs as they already beat the Nets the first 3 earlier in the season. With no injuries and a day of rest they look to add another to their 47 wins.

The Atlanta Hawks have already clinched the Southeast Division and Friday sees them playing the Miami Heat in Atlanta. They may have home court advantage, but they have been slowing down lately. A 3 to 4 point win is all that we can see for the Hawks against the Heat.

The Northwest Division is completely up for grabs with Portland Trailblazers leading with 45 and Oklahoma City Thunder with 41. The Thunder have been doing great things lately, although plagues with injuries. Portland may or may not have center Chris Kama for Friday’s game Phoenix.

Golden State has taken the Pacific Division and currently sits at 58 games. The next few games the team will likely rest key players to save them for the NBA playoffs.

Down in the Southwest the Memphis Grizzlies has a playoff berth and Houston Rockets are on their tails trailing by 2 games. Both teams play Friday and will likely win their games, as Houston is up against Minnesota who they’ve already beat several times this year and Memphis plays Golden State, who again will likely rest their best players.