Betting Shop: Mike Goodson pleads not guilty

Mike GoodsonOn Wednesday, Mike Goodson, New York Jets running back who is very well known with betting shops, pleaded not guilty to two weapons-possession charges at his arraignment in Morris County (N.J.) Superior Court.

Pay per head sportsbooks remember that two months after the player signed a $6.9 million three-year deal, Goodson and an acquaintance were arrested when police found their vehicle in the middle of a highway in New Jersey last May at 3 am.

Authorities said that a loaded Taurus .45 caliber handgun, with an illegal hollow-point bullet, were discovered in the SUV’s glove box, and betting shops could clearly see that the player was in trouble.

Betting shops learned that in November, Goodson was indicted on charges of fourth-degree prohibited weapons and devices and second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon. Police said that the driver, Garant Evans, and Goodson, were intoxicated.

Goodson was also charged with marijuana possession.

Price per head services and betting shops found out if convicted, they face at least three years in prison.

At the start of last season, Goodson served a four-game suspension after violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, and if found to be in violation of the personal-conduct policy, he’s subject to discipline by the NFL.

Pay per head sportsbooks and many people with a betting site learned that in the case, the main issue is determining gun ownership – both defendants claim that they didn’t own the weapon.

Anthony Fusco, Goodson’s attorney, said that he plans to file a motion claiming that police did not have a search warrant to seize the weapon from a locked glove box.

“We’re filing papers contesting the legality of the search,” Fusco said. “If they remove the gun as evidence, the whole thing will go away.”

Fusco said that the same motion will be filed by Evans’ attorney.

A plea deal was rejected by Goodson in court. The prosecutor said that if he pleaded guilty to second-degree possession of a weapon, he would have to serve one year of a three-year sentence before being eligible for parole.

The next court date is scheduled for February 26, and many people with a betting site wonder what will happen this time around.

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Pay per head sportsbooks saw that Goodson played for the Jets in only two games. The player was excused from training camp so he could get substance-abuse counseling, and was suspended when he returned in late August. Goodson returned in Week 5, contributing to a win over the Atlanta Falcons. Goodson suffered a season-ending knee injury the following week that required surgery.