Betting Shop: Quigg said that Frampton must concentrate on his own path

indexScott Quigg and many betting shops believe that Carl Frampton and company need to focus on their own path.

Betting shops learned that after the recent merry-go-round which saw Frampton leave Matchroom, and Quigg join the promotional team of Eddie Hearn, Frampton and his advisers were calling for Quigg to fight him later on this year.

Frank Warren allegedly put a £200,000 offer on the table to stage the fight, but Quigg and many people with a betting site that follow the boxer believe that in his career he is a step ahead and is mainly focused on clinching a world title.

“I don’t worry about Carl Frampton,” he told the Manchester Evening News. “My career is not going to be based on me beating Carl Frampton. It’s going to be based on me getting to the top and being world champion.

“I am not focused on him. Where they are going wrong is that they are always looking at me and focused on me. That’s going to be their downfall.”

Betting shops know that Quigg, as the WBA’s interim super-bantamweight champion, could be in line for a fight with Yoandris Salinas for the empty title, and with possibly one or even two belts on the line, a match with Frampton can only grow in the future, and many people with a betting site seriously hope so.

“People say the fight isn’t going to happen now that he’s joined Matchroom, but it was never going to happen where Scott was previously,” added Quigg’s trainer Joe Gallagher.

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“There is more chance of it happening now with Scott having the backing of Sky TV. There is a chance of it going to purse bids, but his career isn’t defined by what happens with Carl Frampton, it’s about becoming a world champion.”

Betting shops everywhere will continue to follow developments on these boxers, and would like to see what the future has in store for them.