Betting Site: Chisora targets the Klitschkos while getting ready for possible September fight

chisoraDereck Chisora Is looking forward another battle with the Klitschkos as he gets ready for a possible European title clash in September, and betting sites all over the world would certainly not mind seeing the Londoner take on one of the Ukrainian brothers.

Pay per head services learned that Chisora was added to Billy-Joe Saunders’ British middleweight title defence undercard against John Ryder in the Olympic Park taking place on September 21 – a fight that is eagerly anticipated by many people with a betting shop.

Last year, the heavyweight was beaten in February by WBC champ Vitali Klitschko in a fight that was ridden with controversy, as Chisora slapped his opponent at the weigh-in. Iin the ring he spat water on Wladimir Klitschko’s face, and pay per head services and betting sites everywhere will not forget these incidents any time soon.

Betting sites found out that Chisora recently bumped into Wladimir while on holiday, and even though reports of a physical altercation were erroneous, price per head sportsbooks could see that he did make his intentions clear.

“I can’t say much about it,” he said. “But those brothers won’t have a quiet holiday if I have anything to do with it. It was good fun, I can’t complain!

“I’ve changed certain things in my life and I’m going to change more stuff. You don’t change, you grow up and mature.

“The best fight for the Klitschkos is me. Me against Wladimir, the whole world would be blasting for that fight. I want both of them, I don’t care which one. I’d go to Germany now to box them.”

And many people with a betting shop that follow Chisora would like to see if a showdown with one of the brothers will actually take place.

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And betting sites can’t wait to see British welterweight champion Frankie Gavin join Chisora on September’s Copper Box bill, and pay per head services found out that Liam Walsh and Joe Murray will face each other in a bid to clinch the Commonwealth super-featherweight belt.