Lindquist to start as quarterback for the Huskies in their opening game

Jeff LindquistLocal bookies were very excited to learn that sophomore Jeff Lindquist – who many Live betting fans believe has both the brains and skills to work as a top quarterback – will start for the Washington Huskies when the team faces Hawaii on August 30, but pay per head agents have no idea what will happen after that.

“We’ll go with him [Lindquist] and see how he does,” said Chris Petersen, Washington coach.

“He has done a great job in spring through now.”

Pay per head agents were glad to hear this, and local bookies know how much promise the player has.

Local bookies saw that the coach also praised Troy Williams – freshman quarterback who’s also very talented in the game. He said that making a decision between both players was like “splitting hairs.” Live betting fans can fully understand why the coach had trouble deciding between the two, considering how capable both players are at the quarterback position, but Petersen also said that he felt that Lindquist made less mistakes in camp, something that pay per head agents saw increased the sophomore’s chances to start.

And many local bookies were worried when they found out that Cyler Miles, who was set to start when he came out of last season, will not be able to play in the opener, as he ended up being suspended for one game. The coach decided to give the sophomore the suspension after his role in a fight that took place during the winter.

The coach also said that after the opener, the quarterback position will be re-evaluated by the coaching staff. Pay per head agents saw that last year, Lindquist played for Washington in three games, catching the eye of many Live betting fans and local bookies.

How will Lindquist perform for the Huskies? Well, nobody knows for sure, but many local bookies believe that he has all of the potential needed to make it far in the game, and many Live betting fans are confident that he will prosper as a quarterback.