Live Betting: Anthony Crolla could return to the ring in Maya

Anthony Crolla, British lightweightAnthony Crolla, British lightweight and a big favourite with live betting services, said that he could fight again late in May, and his fans were delighted to hear this.

In December, Crolla sustained terrible injuries as he was hit with a slab of concrete while trying to stop thieves who wanted to rob the house of his neighbor.

Then the 28-year-old suffered a fractured ankle and skull, which forced him to postpone a fight for the world title when he was supposed to face Richar Abril, WBA champion, next week.

But the Mancunian fighter always wanted to return to action, saying that could be back in the ring earlier than his target initially set for the summer.

“I’m 100% certain I’ll be back,” said Crolla. “I can get a bit carried away and start thinking ‘well I can be getting around a bit in a few weeks, it won’t take long to get fit, I can get back sparring’.

“But the sparring is the thing I need to be careful with and I’ll probably need brain scans even before I return to sparring.

“At first we were aiming for July, then we cut it back to June. I honestly think I can be ready for May, late May. We’ll see. I really believe that. Because I’ve gone through this and suffered this bit of heartache, I’ll be even more focused than before.”
This week, a cast will be removed from Crolla’s ankle. The fighter is very happy to be well again, and live betting services were delighted to learn about his recovery.

“There are certain little exercises I can do and I’m so much happier now,” said Crolla. “There is only so much sitting around on the couch eating selection boxes you can do before you want to get back in the gym.

“The most serious injury is obviously the fracture to the skull but that’s not giving me any trouble. I’m not suffering any headaches or anything.

“The British Boxing Board of Control have been in touch with me and there are certain medical requirements which are very strict, for the safety of our sport, which I’ll have to pass.

“I’ll have the brain scans before I get the all-clear. I had scans when it happened and there was no bleeding on the brain. There won’t be a problem with them, it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

“The ankle was broken in two places but is healing brilliantly. I’ve got one of the top experts in the country working on it and he thinks it will get back to 100%.”

The fighter took to Twitter on Wednesday, writing: “Not been on here for a while but thanks everyone who tweeted me messages of support.

“Honest, I’m getting better all the time, starting my physio tonight and will be back in the gym sooner than expected.”