Online Betting Shop: Neymar said that he couldn’t feel his legs after injury

Luiz Felipe ScolariOnline betting shops were shocked when Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari revealed that Neymar told his team-mate Marcelo “I can’t feel my legs” after he suffered a fractured vertebra in his country’s match against Colombia.

Pay per head sportsbooks were very sad to learn that Neymar was ruled out of the rest of the FIFA World Cup after injuring his vertebra following a very heavy challenge from Juan Zuniga, leaving fans all over the world and many people with a betting site very worried.

The coach revealed the distress that Neymar was in as he lay on the turf agonising during Brazil’s quarter-final clash in Fortaleza on Friday, in which Brazil won 2-1, and online betting shops know how difficult the player’s injury is proving to be for all of Brazil.

Scolari, former Portugal coach, told Marca that the 22-year-old told left-back Marcelo “I can’t feel my legs.”

He added: “Marcelo was scared and called the doctor on but the doctor couldn’t get on in the confusion.

“It was a big shock, the image of Neymar being stretchered off to the helicopter, in difficulty, crying.

“Neymar was our benchmark, one of our references because he is a player who makes a difference in any team. We’re in a situation where we’ve lost something we don’t want to miss, especially for the semi-final and final.”

Online betting shops and pay per head sportsbooks know that Brazil must now get ready to play without their talisman on Tuesday’s semi-final, but Scolari hopes that the influential forward will be present at Estadio Mineirao.

“He’ll be with us if he can be, on the bench or in the stands,” he said.

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“We’ve asked this. It all depends on his state in the coming days. By his will, I’ve certainly felt that he will be.”

Price per head services and many people with a betting site can imagine how difficult Neymar’s injury must be for all of Brazil and the football world in general, but online betting shops and fans all over the world are confident that he’ll make a swift recovery.