Shawn Porter believes that he’s got more skills than Brook

Shawn PorterBetting shops learned that Shawn Porter, who is set to defend his IBF world welterweight crown before fans and pay per head agents all over the world, said that he can take out Kell Brook however he pleases.

This weekend, the ‘Bronze Bomber’, who is currently undefeated, and who pay per head agents consider to be a true fighting beast, will face Brook early on Sunday in Carson, California, in a showdown that betting shops can’t wait to see.

Porter is well known amongst pay per head agents and many people with a betting site for being very aggressive in the ring and having a devastating punch, something that was key when he took out Devon Alexander and Paulie Malignaggi in his last two clashes.

And as he gets ready to take on Brook, the fighter and his fans, especially those with a betting site, believe that it’s not over yet. Pay per head agents and betting shops everywhere are counting the days until the fight, as they’d really like to see if his words prove to be accurate.

“At the end of the day I have a couple more styles than maybe you’ve even seem,” he said.

“It just depends on which style I choose and which one is working at the time. I’ll definitely be aggressive – but I’ll be fast too and I’ll box him on the outside and the inside.”

Pay per head agents saw that last July, the fighter said that he, his family, and his team were not surprised at all after he took Alexander’s title away from him.

And betting shops can see that although he believes that he’ll be the victor in the fight against Brook, he’s also aware that there will be no room for complacency.

“I respect him as a person, a man and an athlete and also respect him as a fighter. He has good skills and it would be remiss of me if I didn’t respect him. It wouldn’t be clever of me,” he said.

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“I’ve no predictions at all. I feel confident that I am going to win and after August 16th I am going to – and still – be the champion.”