Ancelotti backs up Bale in game against Espanyol

Real Madrid manager Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti defended Gareth Bale after the player was booed in the team’s victory over Espanyol on Saturday, something that many fans and bookmaker software services were not very pleased at all to see.

At the their clash in the Santiago Bernabeu, the Spanish giants were able to clinch a win of 3-0 over Espanyol – a club based in Baercelona – and Bale was one of the players to score after a very nice free-kick was netted by him in the first half of the game, to the delight of fans around the world.

After 12 minutes passed, the stalemate was broken by James Rodriguez. Defender Nacho Fernandez finished things off, and the contentious red card that was given to Fabio Coentrao did not affect the hosts much, but the manager was not very happy with what the player got.

And in the press conference that Ancelotti gave after the game, he focused on the way that the crowd treated Bale, who got plenty of jeers after he wasn’t able to coordinate properly in the game’s second half with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The manager said: “He [Bale] has played a very good game. He scored and starred for the first goal, then the fans ask for the pass to Cristiano.

“Altruism is important and if someone is selfish, we will fix it. People demand a lot to the major players and Bale is one of those.

“This is football. The relationship between them [Ronaldo and Bale] and among everyone is very good.

“We all work for the same goal, which is to bring to Madrid to the top. There is no need to talk about this.”

In minute 53, the club’s position was questioned for a moment when Coentrao was shown a red card after the player collided with Jose Canas of Espanyol, and Ancelotti was not very happy at all with the decision made.

“I have not understood the expulsion of Coentrao,” the manager added.

“I find it and incomprehensible decision. It complicated the game. [But] we managed well with a man less.”

Fans all over the world saw Real do an exceptional job on the pitch, as is expected from them, and would like to see them keep up their great form for upcoming matches. Not all bookmaker software services agreed with Coentrao’s red card, but they know that these problems are just part of the game.