Andres Iniesta says that Messi is key for Barca’s success in the coming years

Andres Iniesta said that Lionel Messi is the best future for BarcelonaAndres Iniesta said that Lionel Messi, his world famous team-mate, is vital when it comes to Barca competing for European and domestic titles in the years that follow, something that bookmaker software services can fully agree with, especially with the problems that the club is currently facing.

Messi – who on Sunday had his 300th appearance in La Liga, and made a hat-trick in the team’s 5-0 victory over Levante – saw that in the last few months his future in the sport turned into a subject that sparked plenty of debate.

What apparently was a disagreement between Luis Enrique – the team’s coach – and the 27-year-old, coupled with the player’s suggestion that he didn’t know for which club he would play when next season gets underway, sparked plenty of rumours about the Argentina captain parting ways with the Catalan giants.

But in a conversation that he had with, Iniesta said: “I hope and wish that Leo can be with Barca for a long time, because he has been, is and will be fundamental to our competing for honours. That’s my sole desire.”

Even though the victory on Sunday was able to extend Barca’s winning streak to 11 meetings, the past few months were not exactly smooth ones.

Bookmaker software services know that as there’s a continuing case involving alleged fraud on taxes surrounding the club and Neymar’s signing, and with Barca looking at a transfer ban this year due to rules violations while signing young players, Iniesta admitted that it was tough to concentrate.

“Look, there’s no denying that when there’s so much talk on the outside and when it’s not about football or your play, it can affect things,” added the player.

“You try, or at least should try, to ignore all of that because a lot of it isn’t true. The sheer number of reports can annoy you. That said, we know we’re at a club where a lot is asked of you, where everything is magnified tenfold.

“There are so many opinions and a lot of things can come from that. When things aren’t going exactly to plan, then we have to deal with those kind of situations.

“The only way we can change that and make the public more settled is by playing well and winning.

“That way they forget a bit about all the stuff on the outside and focus instead on what their players are doing on the pitch.”