Bookie: Britton reveals that Laudrup problems disrupted Swansea

indexLeon Britton said that reports that manager Michael Laudrup could leave Swansea disrupted the squad, and many bookies hope that the club is not seriously affected.

Bookmakers UK services can see that the Danish manager’s time at the Liberty Stadium is in doubt after alleged disagreements with Swansea’s chairman Huw Jenkins regarding the transfer policy.

Britton confirmed that the club’s fans are as much in the dark as the players, but he and many bookies that follow the club hope that Laudrup, who last season led the Welsh club to a top-10 Premier League finish and the League Cup, will remain with the club.

“We all hope Laudrup stays at Swansea,” he told talkSPORT.

And many bookies would also not like to see the manager go anywhere, and seriously hope that all problems get settled so he can stay.

“It’s a bit of summer of disruption.

“The players didn’t see this coming. There appears to be a problem with the agent and other bits and pieces.

“Hopefully the club will sort it out, the manager will come back and we’ll carry on in July. It seems like that’s the way it is in Swansea though, we seem to lose a lot of managers.

“Hopefully he comes back because that’s what the players want.”

Many bookies were surprised to learn that last week, Bayram Tutumlu, Laudrup’s agent, was exiled from the club after claims that he tried to dictate transfer policy, which sees both men who have worked together for years, leave.

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But bookmakers UK services found out that the manager asserted that he would not like to leave the club, and their fans, as well as many bookies, hope that the problems can be fixed soon as they start next season with a difficult match against Manchester United.

Bookmakers UK services and bookies all over the world will pay very close attention to the situation with Swansea, and would like to see the club fix all of its problems and be in very good form again.