Bookie: Guardiola has plans for the Premier League

Pep GuardiolaPep Guardiola, Bayern Munich boss, said that one day he would love to work in England but for now is focused on his new club, any many bookies in the UK can’t wait to see the manager take his talents there.

When he spoke before Friday’s UEFA Super Cup on Friday against the Blues, Guardiola insisted that he has plenty to do at the Bundesliga champions.

However, pay per head sportsbooks and UK bookmaker services saw that Guardiola, who at Barcelona was reportedly courted by Chelsea for some time, spoke about his intention to be a manager in the Premier League.

Guardiola said: “Chelsea has a super trainer. Bayern too. And I am happy to be here.

“I don’t know if it’s true, but I think Mourinho is happy to be there.

“I feel I am a young trainer, just 42 years old and just four years as a trainer in a professional world.

And bookies know very well what a great future awaits the manager.

“Before I finish my career, sooner or later, I would like to go to England as a trainer, but in a few years.

“I would like to, first of all, remain as long as possible at this club because I’ve understood quickly how important this club is for the people, not only in Munich, in Germany and all around the world. I will try to do as best as possible.

“After that, I’d like to live this experience. But Chelsea have a good trainer now.”

Bookies and pay per head sportsbooks remember that during the pair’s time in Spain, Guardiola had an often-troublesome relationship with Jose Mourinho, but on Thursday, the Bayern manager spoke of his admiration for the manager.

“He is always very, very good … with quick counter attacks … he is a master at that and everybody knows he is an excellent, excellent trainer,” he said.

“I have lots and lots of respect for his career and I have to try to learn from all the coaches around the world.”

UK bookmaker services know that Bayern are still worried about the fitness of midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, who injured his ankle in the club’s 1-1 Bundesliga draw on Tuesday with Freiburg – something that left many bookies and price per head services very concerned.

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“Bastian is better but we are going to … check and evaluate his ankle,” Guardiola added.