Bookie: Toure wants to stay with Manchester City

Yaya ToureMany fans and bookies were relieved to learn that Yaya Toure rubbished speculation that he wants to part ways with Manchester City.

Pay per head sportsbooks saw that this summer, the Ivory Coast international was linked with a move away from the club, in the midst of reports of a breakdown in his relationship with the club’s hierarchy, but many bookies were glad to learn that Toure reassured City fans.

“There has been a lot of speculation but they’ve always been good with me and good with my family,” he said.

“I want to say that I will always honour my contract and stay as long as possible and don’t think about all the speculation saying that I’m leaving.

“For the fans for all they have done for me and the club as well, I need to say it’s a big pleasure to stay and continue and try to enjoy the next season.

“Everything is fine now. There was a lot of speculation about people sending me away and people were sending me everywhere.

“I think sometimes it can be disappointing and I need to do something for the fans because people love me and people want to hear about what is happening. So it’s important as well to keep them in a good way and let them know that the team are preparing well and we’ll try to do it again next year.”

Price per head and UK bookmaker services remember when Toure, who in 2010 joined City, signed a new contract last year, keeping him with the Premier League champions until 2017, and bookies saw that in the last three years the player was key in the club securing two titles and one FA Cup.

It was reported that Toure was disappointed that City overlooked his birthday in May, but his agent said that any problems are now resolved.

“He has a contract and he will work very hard and I hope that next season Yaya will be the best player in the club,” Dimitri Seluk said.

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“I hope now everybody is very friendly – and I hope for his next birthday they will celebrate together.”

UK bookmaker services and pay per head sportsbooks know very well how talented Toure is, and developments on the player will be closely followed by bookies all over the world.