Price per Head Bookies: Harvick and Logano had a confrontation

Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano had a confrontationNASCAR fans and price per head bookies thought that Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick were going to come to blows at the Sprint Unlimited, after Logano entered the back of Harvick’s vehicle when there were two laps left in the race.

Both drivers have what seem to be some very serious issues that date to 2010, as well as an incident that took place in Pocono Raceway, and they almost went at each other’s throats on Saturday night (Harvick was still wearing his helmet) after the drivers left their vehicles once the event at Daytona was over. There was a moment when Logano apparently lunged at Harvick before being separated.

“He’s just Kevin,” said Logano. “He’s an instigator, right? It’s the same thing he is every other time he talks to someone. It’s the same old crap. It just happens all the time. It’s no big deal.”

Many fans remember when back in October, Harvick criticized the blocking moves by Logano at Talladega, which he thought helped Brad Keselowski – Logano’s team-mate – win that competition. The driver was not very happy about what Logano thought was an absurd move.

“He thinks he was helping, but you can’t just drive somebody straight in the corner into the fence,” said Harvick, who was the champion of the 2014 Sprint Cup. “He kind of did the same thing to me at Talladega. I told him, ‘The karma train is coming after you.’ And it bit him right in the [butt]. … I just didn’t appreciate just getting straight drove into the wall.”

Logano ended the race at sixth place.11th place went to Harvick, and price per head bookies saw that the race was won by Matt Kenseth.

“I don’t know,” said Logano. “It’s just the same old stuff with him. I just was trying to work our way up there and had a good run down the backstretch pushing him and once he got into the corner, his car got tight.

“He’s got a lot of damage on his car. That could have been why, too. … It’s unfortunate he got in the fence. [It was] not on purpose. Just trying to race to the front. All-star races like this really don’t mean anything unless you win, so go for it.”

Harvick believes that even though it was just an exhibition race, Logano doesn’t have a right to do whatever he wants.

“It is one of those deals where you just know that is not going to work,” said Harvick. “Whether it’s an all-star race or not, it doesn’t really matter. You can’t just take your head off and throw it on the floorboard and not use your brain.”