Raycom Media Camellia Bowl: Bowling Green vs. South Alabama

Bowling Green Falcons vs South Alabama Jaguars-Raycom Media Camellia Bowl Bowling PredictionsIn the Mid-American Conference, Bowling Green won their division, and they got the opportunity to compete for the title of the MAC. Pay per head wagering services saw that the Falcons lost, and had a bowl game at hand against South Alabama – a team that just made it, as they lost four of the season’s last five meetings.

This season, the Jaguars’ passing offense was ranked at 100th place with QB Brandon Bridge starting. The player was able to pass for 1,648 yards, 14 TD’s and only 6 six picks while he missed most of two matchups as the season was coming to an end. Bridge’s top target was WR Shavarez Smith, who for 714 yards was able to catch 50 passes and 8 TD’s. The team’s running game did a slightly better job as RB Kendall Houston was the one to lead the Jaguars with 652 yards and a TD, and second place went to RB Xavier Johnson, with 417 yards and a TD.

Even though QB James Knapke featured as a backup in Bowling Green’s efforts to make it to the conference title last season, he was able to do a good enough job, bringing the team back for a rematch with Northern Illinois, but the Falcons ended up losing the game. This season, the QB proved to be very efficient, as he passed 2,805 yards, 13 TD’s and 12 picks as he hit Roger Lewis – his favorite target – on 69 throws for 956 yards to score 5 TD’s. Pay per head wagering services believe that WR Ryan Burbrink is another Falcons player to pay attention to, as he has second place with the team, having caught the ball 60 times for 719 yards and 3 TD’s. RB Travis Greene is leading the team’s running game with 908 yards and 10 TD’s, and RB Fred Coppet comes next, with 694 yards and 6 TD’s.

In their defense, the Jaguars just made it this year to a bowl game thanks to their defense, which proved to be mediocre at best. South Alabama have a ranking of only 58th place when it comes to points, and in total allowed yards-per-game they’re 62nd place. The Falcons also barely got in. Bowling Green have a ranking of 108th place in allowed points, as well as 122nd place in their total yards for each week that they played.