Sports Bookie: Rodgers said that there’s “no solution” if Suarez doesn’t apologise

Brendan_RodgersBrendan Rodgers said that there can be “no solution” to Liverpool’s problems with Luis Suarez if he doesn’t apologise, and sports bookies wonder what the player and club will do.

Pay per head sportsbooks learned that Rodgers is asking for a show of contrition from Suarez, who on Monday trained in Japan before Wednesday’s international friendly, over what he believes to be a “a total disrespect” for the values of the club.

The Uruguayan who’s a big favourite with sports bookies is trying to force through a move to Arsenal and says that Rodgers broke a promise to sell him for over £40m if Liverpool did not make this season’s UEFA Champions League.

Rodgers denies having made such a promise, and bookmakers UK services found out that owner John W Henry gave an “unequivocal” assurance that he won’t sell the player to Arsenal.

Sports bookies can see that this puts Suarez in a limbo, and Rodgers is not about to back down despite his wish for a friendly resolution.

He told the club website: “It is something that we have to do everything we can to fix.

“There has been a lot said and a lot reported, and we have made a stance, as a club and as a manager, of the commitment and the standards required.

“If you don’t have that commitment, and those standards, then you won’t play. It’s as simple as that.

“If we have got to sit and wait, then so be it. But this is a club that has got great values, and we hope that the situation can be resolved amicably, and I am sure it will be.

And sports bookies all over the world would also like to see a good resolution to the problem.

“There’s no problem between me and him, it is quite calm. But obviously I have got to respect the club and the team.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, if they’re not pulling their weight then they are letting down the club, the city and everyone who has stood by them.

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“So until I get that assurance that we are going to get nothing but 100% commitment, then there will be no solution.”

Price per head and bookmakers UK services hope that the problems surrounding Suarez settle down as best as possible, and will closely follow developments.