Betting Shop: Joshua very happy with his progress

joshuaAnthony Joshua and many betting shops are very happy with the progress he’s making in training before his professional debut gets underway on October 5.

Price per head services can see that Joshua is taking his first step on the road, hoping that it will let him clinch a world title next month in London’s O2 Arena. Betting shops are confident that he’ll make an impressive performance in the ring, and his fans are confident that he’ll emerge triumphant.

And the Olympic champion, who’s a favourite with fans all over the world with a betting site, told Sky Sports that preparations are on the way after taking a 12-month recess from competitive boxing.

“I’m really happy with what’s going on,” he said. “I’m having more one-on-one time in the gym and doing longer rounds.

And betting shops everywhere could not be happier with the boxer’s progress in the sport.

“I’m starting with a six rounder next month and I am noticing the changes in training already.

“Eddie Hearn’s doing his job to promote me, guide me and to make me a world champion. I’m going to do my job and stay focused and disciplined and win all my fights.

“Let’s get October 5 out of the way and then we’ll be on the road. The opponent will be announced in the next two weeks and it will all be a new experience for me.

“At the moment we’re just perfecting the basics and regardless of the opponent we’ll be prepared for anything.”

Price per head services and many people with a betting site were truly amazed to see that despite his inexperience, Joshua was able to win Olympic gold last year after taking up boxing when he was 18-years-old.

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“I’ve been thinking what would have happened if I’d had this professional training from 11 years old,” he said. “But everything happens for a reason, I’ve got one big chance and I’m putting everything into it.

Betting shops all over the world and pay per head services are anticipating an impressive performance by Joshua, and believe that he’ll have a great future in the sport.