Bookmakers: Geale feels confident before facing Golovkin

Daniel-GealeDaniel Geale feels confident before his world title fight this Saturday against Gennady Golovkin, and bookmakers all over the world can’t wait to see his performance.

Bookmakers and pay per head sportsbooks are very eager to see the Australian take on Golovkin for the WBA ‘super’ middleweight title in New York, at Madison Square Garden.

Geale is facing an unbeaten opponent who is considered to be the division’s No 1, with devastating punching power that in 29 wins brought him 26 stoppages.

But sports bookmaker services found out that after an extensive training camp, the New South Wales fighter who’s very famous with pay per head sportsbooks is very excited about facing one of the sport’s best fighters, and insists that he’s full of confidence.

“I’m going into the fight confident,” Geale told the Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s true what everyone says, you have to believe in yourself, and that’s what me and my team have done.

“We’ve trained hard. I have the opportunity to fight a world champion and take some world titles off him and to also get a chance to fight at Madison Square Garden is a dream fulfilled.

“If you go into the fight worried about what he can do; the big KO punch or he can do this, can do that, you can be beaten before you enter the ring.

“I’m going in certain if I fight the way I know I can, I can win this. I have a confidence that I can do it.”

Sports bookmaker services remember when last August, the 33-year-old’s IBF title was taken away by Darren Barker after the Barnet man climbed from the canvas and clinched a very brave points victory, impressing many fans and bookmakers.

However, price per head services and bookmakers saw that in February, Geale was able to rebuild with a stoppage win over compatriot Garth Wood and believes that after 30 victories and only two losses he deserves to take on Golovkin.

“Golovkin, you dream of fights like this,” he said.

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“I had my goals set very high, even as a young boxer, because I wanted to achieve a lot. I can’t say I’m completely surprised this has happened because I’ve worked my entire life to be in this position. If you have a plan, you shouldn’t be surprised when it comes off.”