Boxing Betting: Charr confident that he will knock out Haye

Manuel-Charr-Vitali-Klitschko-WBC-heavyweight_2825552Manuel Charr and his boxing betting fans believe that he will knock out David Haye and get a rematch with Vitali Klitschko.

Last September, Charr suffered the first loss of his career after losing to the WBC heavyweight champion, when the Syrian who makes very good boxing odds was stopped in the fourth round due to a nasty cut.

Boxing betting fans saw that ‘Diamond Boy’ was down in the fight’s second round, but many believe that in the latter part of the fight he would have clinched a win.

“It was my strategy to start slowly, make him miss a lot of punches and then come on strong in the middle and late rounds,” he said. “He’s an old man, very slow, and I expected him to get tired as the fight went on.

If you watch round four I was landing a lot of punches on him before the fight was stopped. Vitali knew how that fight was going to end. He knew he couldn’t beat me. And he didn’t beat me – the doctor stopped the fight.”

Charr and his boxing betting fans believe that with two wins in the interim, he will be able to stop Haye on June 29.

“Vitali doesn’t want to fight David and he doesn’t want to fight me again, either,” said Charr. “But if Vitali is any sort of champion he will look at this fight on June 29 and then fight the winner. We both want him and we have both earned the right to get a shot.

“He’s never fought David Haye, and Haye has called him out for three years now. Vitali said he wanted to knock him out, shut him up and all this other rubbish, but he never did anything about it. The fight has never happened.

“I won’t let Vitali do the same to me. I want my rematch and to get it I have to knockout David Haye on June 29. So that is exactly what I will do.”

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Klitschko – famous for his power in the ring and great boxing odds – still has to confirm whether or not he will continue to fight, as the 41-year-old is building a political career in Ukraine, and many boxing betting fans out there have high hopes that he will return to the ring as soon as possible.