Boxing Betting: Groves wants to be successful without Booth

George Groves George Groves said that his split from long-term trainer Adam Booth gave him more motivation to take the world titles from Carl Froch on November 23, and boxing betting fans would really like to see how he’ll perform now without his past mentor.

Pay per head services and boxing betting fans know that since the start of his professional career, Groves was working with Booth until the pair split in October, only weeks before ‘The Saint’ takes on Froch for his IBF and WBA titles – in a fight where the boxing odds will be very closely followed.

Booth planned several notable wins for Groves, and boxing betting fans can see that there are concerns over whether he will be able to follow a proper gameplan in the absence of his one-time trainer.

Groves’ preparations were also overshadowed by a legal fight between them, but pay per head services saw that he made light of the importance of the split and wants to prove that he will prevail without Booth.

When he was asked if he was distracted by turmoil outside the ring, Groves said: “I genuinely feel that it’s not. We’ll find out on the night. You can either let these things get in the way and affect your preparation or you can become more determined because of it.

“It just lets you know that when the time comes, it is just me stepping through the ring, so why have the need to rely on anyone else?

“You’ve prepared yourself correctly, you use the stuff you employ to get you in the right shape for yourself so when you step through the ring it’s all down to you.

“Stuff has gone on with Adam, we’re in the middle of a dispute, but I’m confident that we’ll settle it and I’m confident that it will not affect my performance at all. In fact it’s just made me more determined.”

Groves joined forces with new trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick, but price per head services and boxing betting fans heard the rumours that before the fight he and Booth will patch up their differences.

According to Groves, these claims are unfounded, and he has no hope for a quick reconciliation.

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He said: “If people want to speculate, so be it, but it would be a shock to me. I haven’t seen him much. It wouldn’t make sense to me to have him in the corner.”

Still, fans that follow the boxing odds would still like to see these two in good terms, and hopefully one day they will.