Boxing Betting: Haye mocks Fury’s kickboxing ambitions

hayeBoxing betting fans were amused when David Haye decided to make fun of Tyson Fury’s claim that he will pursue a kickboxing fight only one month after their clash on September 28.

Price per head services know that Haye will take on his sour rival in front of a packed Manchester Arena where the boxing odds will be very closely followed, but Fury plans to have a kickboxing bout in October, regardless of whether he wins or loses the fight, and boxing betting fans are very curious to see how he will perform in this martial art.

Pay per head services learned that Haye said that he’s also useful with his feet, having learnt Karate when he was younger, but he insists that his fists will be enough.

“If it was allowed, I’d let Tyson use his head, shoulders, knees and toes against me on September 28,” said Haye. “He’ll need all of those sharp edges just to make the fight competitive.

“I’ve actually done a bit of kicking in my time – and started out doing karate at a young age – so I’m not too shabby in that department, either.

“But, in a fight, I wouldn’t need to use kicks to get the better of Fury. I’ll kick his backside from pillar to post, and that’s about it. And, to do that, all I’ll need is my left and right fists. Then, after I’ve finished with him, he can start looking at other career options.”

Now boxing betting fans wonder what Fury has to say about this – perhaps he’s constantly crunching his knuckles, and hopefully they won’t get too sore, as price per head services know that there’s a big fight on the way.

Fury said that he will not shy away from any challenge and also showed his desire to take on UFC fighter Cain Velasquez – a fight which boxing betting fans are sure will be something to enjoy, but unfortunately there won’t be any boxing odds on this one.

However, Haye urged Fury to concentrate on their upcoming fight and laughed off his hopes of being successful in mixed martial arts.

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“I give credit to any man taking a risk and competing outside his comfort zone, but first things first, Tyson. How about achieving something worthwhile in the sport of boxing? Because, rather than kickboxing in Romania, one month after our fight you’ll be going right back to basics and learning how to properly jab again.”