Boxing Betting: Magee suspended for six months after testing positive for banned substance

McgeeBoxing betting fans learned that Brian Magee received a six-month suspension from the sport after he tested positive for oxilofrine – a banned substance.

Magee’s positive test came immediately after he lost his interim WBA super-middleweight title to Mikkel Kessler in December, and many of the fighter’s boxing betting fans were very surprised.

But pay per head sportsbooks found out that the 38-year-old who is very well known for his great boxing odds was able to avoid a longer suspension after he showed that the substance was an unlabelled ingredient in a sports supplement.

And boxing betting fans learned that the supplement that he took included beta-methylphenethylamine – another banned substance.

But pay per head sportsbooks and Magee’s boxing betting fans were very relieved, as the fighter could have very well received a two-year suspension if he did not prove that the offence was an unintentional one. The fighter voluntarily suspended himself in a letter sent to UK Anti-Doping which is dated January 30, and the suspension was back-dated to that day, and expires on July 29.

“I was in total shock when I was told I had tested positive, and I honestly thought someone was playing a joke,” he said.

And price per head services were also taken aback by the news.

“All I could think was I could get a lifetime ban or even a two-year ban which at my age would have meant my career was as good as over.

“I have had 30 or 40 tests in my career and never tested positive. I have always been extremely careful about everything I have taken, and I didn’t do anything differently before the Kessler fight.”

Pay per head sportsbooks know that Magee had a highly-decorated career with great boxing odds, but the former European, British, and IBO champion said that he will return to action even though he suffered a very disappointing fourth-round stoppage loss to Kessler.

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“I’ve already got back in the gym and I can’t wait to fight again,” he added. “I haven’t had any bad beatings and I think there are still a number of big fights out there for me.”