Boxing Betting: Price confident that he can even the score with Thompson

download (8)Price and his boxing betting fans believe that he can even the score with the American after the veteran defeated Price in the second round of their first fight in February.

The fighter from Liverpool who makes very good boxing odds could have taken a different path, but boxing betting fans can see that he’s very eager to avenge that stoppage loss.

“This fight is massive, make or break fight for me and I can’t afford to lose again,” he said.

“Preparation is everything.

And boxing betting fans know very well how much he must train, as Price is up for a very big challenge, and who knows what could happen in the ring.

“I’m in this game to earn a living. If I thought this fight would jeopardise my future earnings or providing for my family I wouldn’t have gone down the route of pursuing the rematch.

“This is like a chance to go back in time to February and relive it without making the same mistakes again.

“Although the loss will still be on my record and people won’t forget, it’s a massive chance to wipe the slate clean.

“My life has been on hold for five months. You wouldn’t believe what a defeat will do to you in boxing.

“You can’t plan. You’ve got big plans for the future and suddenly everything falls apart. But this is a chance to get right back on track.

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“It’s five months since the first fight so it’s just a five-month setback providing I win tomorrow, which I’m confident I will.”

Boxing betting fans all over the world will continue to follow developments on Price, and can’t wait to see him make good progress in the sport and great boxing odds.