Boxing Betting: Saunders believes that he’s ready to compete for a world title

Billy Joe Saundersdownload (4) and his boxing betting fans believe that he is ready to compete for a world title, but in his next two fights he won’t overlook domestic rivals.

On July 20, Saunders faces Gary O’Sullivan for the WBO international title and then he will defend his British title in September against another undefeated fighter in John Ryder, and boxing betting fans can’t wait to see what will happen in the ring.

Boxing betting fans believe that the busy schedule will keep the Beijing Olympian happy after times on the sidelines following a recurring hand injury that could have put his career in jeopardy.

Saunders insists he is seizing the opportunity to fight for O’Sullivan’s title, which would give him a ranking and pave the way for chance to clinch the world title next year with very good boxing odds.

Saunders said: “Beijing feels like yesterday but time flies in this game and it is important you take your chances when you get them. It is definitely not a case of under-estimating O’Sullivan.

“I set a goal when I turned professional to become British and Commonwealth champion. My next goal is to become world champion. I’m already a world-class fighter and I’m going to move on to bigger and better things.”

Boxing betting fans can see that a 17-0 record confirms his claim that he was right when he decided to turn professional at 18 after the Olympic Games, instead of waiting another four years.

“Fighting for your country and going to an Olympics is great, but that’s really the pinnacle whether you win a medal or not,” he said.

“You go to an Olympics then it’s time to turn professional give the next generation the chance. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me and I never had any regrets. I got a good offer and I made the most of it.”

Now Saunders is fighting at middleweight making very good boxing odds, but would not hesitate at the opportunity of moving up a division if he has the chance.

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“I don’t want easy fights,” he added. “I will take on anyone who is put in front of me. If there’s a big money fight available at six pounds heavier I’d definitely go there.”