Boxing Betting: Scott’s appeal against Chisora was rejected

Dereck Chisora'sBoxing betting fans found out that Dereck Chisora’s knockout victory over Malik Scott will stand after the British Boxing Board of Control rejected the American’s appeal against the stoppage win.

Last month, Chisora – very well known with pay per head sportsbooks for his power in the ring and good boxing odds – took on Scott in a crucial heavyweight battle, and the fight ended in a strange way as the Philadelphia fighter appeared to misjudge the referee’s count after he was caught by a right hand.

Pay per head sportsbooks saw that when he dropped to one knee, Scott did not appear to be badly hurt, but he was not able to rise to his feet until referee Phil Edwards reached the ninth count and the official waved off the match.

Scott’s camp lodged a protest after the fight, but boxing betting fans found out that it was dismissed by the BBBoC and general secretary Robert Smith said that the fighter was not in a position to defend himself.

The statement made by Smith on read: “When describing the process of Mr Scott rising, you quite correctly make reference to Mr Scott ‘having nothing on the canvas but his feet’ at the count of nine.

“However, under British Boxing Board of Control Rules (3.32) a boxer is deemed to be ‘down’ by one of four criteria, one of which is ‘when the boxer is in the act of rising.’ Therefore, the point at which the boxer has nothing on the canvas but his feet is not the point at which the boxer is no longer ‘down.’

“Most importantly, after a boxer is ‘down’ boxing can only continue when the boxer ‘is in a position and a condition to defend himself’.”

Smith also dismissed suggestions that Edwards did not give Scott the correct 10-count, and many of his boxing betting fans were not very happy all about this.

“In the United Kingdom (like many countries) the count of the referee (having picked it up from the timekeeper) is ‘seven, eight, nine, out.’ Ten is never called by any referee in any contest in this country,” he said.

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Boxing betting fans know that Chisora’s victory over Scott could mean that the fighter could go for a European title shot.

On September 21st he’s expected to fight again, and price per head sportsbooks are anticipating plenty of action and very good boxing odds.