Callum Smith set to face Sjekloca at the Echo Arena

Callum SmithCallum Smith is certain that he can fight in the world stage, but said that on Saturday he will find out how much he was able to advance in the sport, something that many fans and online bookmakers would really like to see.

Smith is set to face Nikola Sjekloca on the Cleverly vs. Bellew II undercard, in what is set to be an eliminator of the WBC super-middleweight title – a showdown that is eagerly anticipated by many fans all over the world.

The 24-year-old fighter said that he’s keen to put his talents on display in Liverpool, at the meeting taking place at the Echo Arena.

“On paper this is a massive step up but we won’t know how much of a step up it really is until Saturday night,” said Smith.

“He has had 30 fights and has only lost two, both of them to world champions. It is only the best who have beaten him but I believe I am good enough to beat him and I certainly think I will prove it. I am ready for it, I wouldn’t have taken the step up if I didn’t believe I was ready.

“I had watched a lot of him because he boxed Arthur Abraham in the fight before (my brother) Paul boxed Abraham, so that fight was on in the gym a lot, so I know what he is like stylistically.

“I remember watching him and thinking it would be a good step up for me. He is a good upright boxer, he likes to keep everything long, but I am tall myself and I feel my inside works a lot better than his and whatever he brings I can bring better.

“Abraham and Bika are well known and experienced fighters in my weight division. Sakio Bika was WBC world champion until the summer, and Abraham obviously still is WBO world champion, so they are not mugs who have beaten him and he has beaten everybody else who has been put in front of him and there are some good fighters on his record.

“It is a step up but it is me who is taking the jump up, it wasn’t put on me, so it is a step I feel I am ready for. If I didn’t feel I was ready for this step I wouldn’t have taken it or would have taken a smaller jump up but I definitely do feel it is a fight that will bring out the best of me.”

The fighter who’s very well-known with many online bookmakers as a serious force to reckon with is more than happy with how far he was able to make it in the sport since 2012, when he became a professional, and has high hopes of continuing to make great performances in the ring.

“I don’t think anybody expected me to come this far in two years,” he said. “But I had a lot of first-round wins early on and when you knock people out in the first round the only option is to step up.

“I’ve kept stepping up and delivered every time I stepped up and if you keep delivering then you will keep stepping up.”