George Groves wants to see Dirrell take out Bika

George GrovesBoxing betting fans learned that George Groves wants to see Anthony Dirrell rip Sakio Bika’s world title away from him, in a match that pay per head agents believe could prove to be very intense.

Pay per head agents know that in September, the Londoner who makes very good boxing odds returns to the ring to try and win the European title, in a bid to eventually clinch the WBC crown.

And boxing betting fans can see that Bika will defend the strap for second time, and pay per head agents all over the world can see how eagerly anticipated this fight is.

In December he had a controversial draw when he took on Dirrell, and pay per head agents learned that Groves wants to see the challenger win the title.

“I would say I would rather see Dirrell win simply because I know him a bit better and fighting him looks like more fun,” he said.

“He’s got that spitefulness, which I like. The family name carries weight on both sides of the Atlantic. Also, with a name like that, any fight is less likely to have it stopped with a cut or something.

“When they see the name Dirrell, they want to see it go the full 12 rounds!”

Groves, who on September 20 takes on Christopher Rebrasse at Wembley Arena in an effort to clinch the European title, also wants to see Kell Brook as the victor.

Pay per head agents and boxing betting fans remember when he was working with Shawn Porter as a 16-year-old, and said that there are no changes in his fighting style.

“I was out in Texas when I was a kid, probably 10 years ago – and he was exactly like he is now,” he said. “He was short, stocky, he came forward and threw big bombs, some really heavy shots.

“He is going to jump in. He covers ground really quickly and he throws shots from all angles, so you have to catch him on the way in. If you can slow him down and control him with the jab, you can beat him.

And many boxing betting fans believe that this will be no easy fight – at all.

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“Kell has got that and is going to have to have his wits about him the whole time, but I think Kell can win it. I certainly wish him well and he can do it, so if I have to give a prediction, I’ll go Kell on points.”