Kell Brook wants to get a ‘second chance’

Kell Brook wants to get a ‘second chance’Kell Brook is looking forward to getting a “second chance” in the sport as he gets ready to have his first clash since an attack in a nightclub where he suffered a stab in his leg, and white label sportsbooks are impressed by the fighter’s determination to return to action after what was a very nasty incident.

The world champion of the IBF welterweights is set to face Jo Jo Dan of Romania at home in Sheffield, in a fight taking place on the 28th of March – only six months following his attack.

The fighter did admit that the way back was a tough one, after he feared that he would never again be able to walk. His fans were also very worried, but saw that his determination to get better paid off – and very well.

The fighter said: “It’s been tough from the night of the attack. I’ve listened to the right people around me.

“It was hard at the beginning, I was taking baby steps. Now I’m very fit. I’m so excited to get back in, a second chance back in boxing.

“As I was laying in the hospital bed, I thought ‘am I ever going to walk again, never mind box?’ It’s going to be so emotional that night.”

The fighter – 28-years-old – believes that a clash with Bolton fighter Amir Khan will eventually take place, and he’s confident of beating his fellow British countryman, but whatever will ultimately happen in the ring if this fight gets underway is yet be seen, as many fans know that Khan is nobody to take lightly at all.

“When I’m done with him [Khan], he’s going to be a mere memory,” said the fighter.

“To become a world champion and in the top five, he can fight – but he’s a bit delicate around the whiskers.

“I’m accurate and powerful and I’m world champion in this division.

“Me and him are from Britain we need to find out who the top dog is. “

Boxing fans around the world are delighted to know that Brook is back in the scene, and are still impressed about how lucky he was to recover well from this horrible attack. White label sportsbooks are confident that he’ll get another shot in the sport, and can’t wait to see how he does next time around in the ring.