Macklin is not willing to make any quick decisions about his future

Matthew Macklin loss to Jorge Sebastian HeilandMatthew Macklin does not want to rush into deciding about his future in the sport after having suffered a stoppage loss to Jorge Sebastian Heiland on Saturday night in Dublin, in a fight that kept many fans and sportsbook software services at the edge of their seats.

The middleweight’s hopes to have another shot at a world title were seriously set back when he was beaten by Heiland in the 10th round of the world title eliminator showdown.

In June 2013, a 32-year-old Macklin ended up losing a world championship bout to Gennady Golovkin, and as he was defeated in four out of the last seven fights that he had, he admits that he’s now looking at some tough decisions regarding his boxing career.

“That’s a fight that I thought I’d definitely need to be winning if I thought I was as good as I was,” he said. “So I have to look at the performance.

“There were a few things in the build-up but I’ve no excuses really. I was fit, I was in shape, I had decent sparring, so I’ll have to analyse the performance.

“I’m getting on. I’m not old, but I will have to have a look and see where we go from here. I don’t want to make any hasty decisions – but certainly at my best I believe I’m world class, capable of winning world titles.”

Early in the fight on Saturday, Macklin was keeping Heilend worried with a succession of right handed body hits, but sportsbook software services saw that after four rounds, the fighter was on his bid to draw level on the scorecards that the judges had.

Macklin saw that he was on the back foot for the rest of the clash, before the 10th round, when a right hook sent him straight to the floor, leaving many fans stunned.

“Maybe I burned off a bit too much energy early on – maybe I’m getting old,” he said. “I don’t know. I’ll have to look back and assess it. He caught me with a nice shot, timed it well, but I felt okay to continue.

“The ref stopped it. I can’t argue. I was tiring at that stage. You’ve got to give him credit. He stepped up well, he was the younger fresher man.

“He fought a smart fight and when he upped it I wasn’t able to and that was probably the difference.”