Michael Sweeney will hang up his gloves if he loses to Tims

Michael Sweeney said that he’ll hang up his gloves if isn’t able to take out Ian Tims in their Cruiserweight rematchMichael Sweeney said that he’ll hang up his gloves if isn’t able to take out Ian Tims in their Cruiserweight rematch taking place on the 15th of November in Dublin at The 3Arena, in a match that should be a hit with many fans and bookmaker software services.

In March 2011, both fighters went head-to-head for the Irish title, and Tims was able to win 97-95.

Sweeney wanted to get revenge since he lost that day and ‘The Storm’ is confident that this time around the fans will see a different result.

“I will retire if I don’t beat him,” said the boxer. “But I am winning this fight.

“It’s a winnable fight and I have to win. There’s been tension between us since 2011 and there’s only one way to settle it.

“It’ll be completely different this time around, I am a completely different fighter now. I was terrible against him and I admit that.”

The last time that Sweeney fought was in May 2013 when he took on Scotland’s Stephen Simmons, and bookmaker software services saw the fighter pull out before the beginning of the fourth round, as in the first one he ended up being knocked down.

But since then, the 31-year-old was able to team up in Manchester with the world-famous Peter Fury, and the fighter believes that this time around, a better performance is on its way, and the fans are anticipating plenty of action in the ring when these fighters square off.

“Stephen is a great fighter but I have improved so much since then,” said the boxer.

And many experts also know that he’s that he’s not somebody to take lightly in the ring at all, and can be a very big threat.

“There were a lot of issues outside the ring and I didn’t train. Now, I have been on the weight for a while, and everything is great.

“Peter and I have been friends for a few years. They are great guys in the gym and they are very serious in what they do in there. It’s fabulous for sparring in that area too.”

Many fans are anticipating a very intense clash when these fighters face each other, and would really like to see if Sweeney gets his revenge. Bookmaker software services believe that this will be a fight to remember, and can’t wait to see the action on November 15th.