Pay per Head: Joshua confident of knocking out Johnson

Anthony Joshua-BoxerAnthony Joshua, heavyweight hopeful who’s very famous with pay per head services around the world, believes that he’ll turn into the first fighter to stop a very sturdy Kevin Johnson.

In a career consisting of 36 fights, Johnson was only beaten on six occasions by means of points decisions, and the 35-year-old is set to go to London to face the Briton on January 31 in a showdown taking place at the 02 Arena.

But Joshua – Olympic gold medallist – was able to beat all 10 of his opponents within three rounds since he joined the professional ranks, and the fighter believes that he has all that is needed to beat his opponent within the distance – something that Vitali Klitschko was not able to do.

Joshua said: “One step at a time from fight one to fight 10. Most definitely, Kevin Johnson will be my toughest challenge, physically and verbally.

“I haven’t gone in with the mindframe of ‘I need to knock him out within one, two or three rounds’. Sometimes it’s subconscious when they show a chink in their armour you exploit them and I’m sure Kevin Johnson will show weakness.

And many fans can’t wait to see how the American will fare against Joshua in this meeting.

“With the training I’m doing over Christmas and in January, I’ll be able to exploit weaknesses in Kevin Johnson.

“I wanted to ask Kevin what round he wanted to be knocked out in. It’s not important to go the rounds – I’m making it up after the fight and in sparring before the fight. It’s just compliments to my trainer and everything I’m doing in the gym when I’m stopping guys so early on.

“From Johnson, I expect a good sparring partner. Someone who comes to survive and be awkward. I’m going to give tens and hundreds of punches through that round. It’s going to be an amazing show.

“I don’t want to talk it up too much because I’m more calm and collected, but I’m pumped and looking forward to it. It’s 02 and I’m back in London and there are going to be thousands of people there.

Johnson is confident that in January he’ll be able to keep his record of taking out Olympic medalists when he faces Anthony Joshua, and pay per head services can’t wait to see what will happen in the ring then.

“If Kevin does take me to the later rounds, it doesn’t mean anything. But I believe, honestly, we won’t see the final bell.

“The longer someone’s in there, the longer I get to show. I know it’s exciting at the minute but there’s not much I can display – you haven’t seen much countering or me playing with someone behind the jab. Kevin will compliment my style and I’ll be able to show everything I’ve been working on for seven years.

“Kevin takes care of the verbal side but on January 31, I’ll be taking care of the physical side.”

When the fighter was asked about having a potential meeting with Tyson Fury, Joshua said: “Who’d come out on top if Tyson Fury and I were to have a fight? Me, with one foot on him.”