Sportsbook Software: Smith set to face Abraham again in Berlin

Paul Smith is set to take on Arthur Abraham in BerlinPaul Smith is set to take on Arthur Abraham in Berlin, as a rematch was granted for February 2, and now sportsbook software services can’t wait to see what will happen in the ring this time around.

In September, the Liverpool fighter lost by points to the super-middleweight champion of the WBO, but the scorecards eclipsed a very tough clash, seeing the American-German clinch the victory.

The officials almost didn’t recognise the amount of work that Smith put in the ring. Fernando Laguna – one of the three officials – gave a 119-109 verdict to Abraham, and an investigation into the fight’s scoring was held by the WBO.

The WBO first stressed that Abraham did not have to have a rematch with Smith, but ‘King Arthur’ agreed to fight him again.

Smith is set to visit Germany once more, but the fighter expects to see the judges give him fair treatment this time around.

“It was a very close fight,” he said. “It was a travesty the way it was scored and all I’ve asked for is a fair crack of the whip and now, after the controversy last time, I believe I’ll get a fair crack of the whip.

“The judges are going to be scrutinised and I’ll be in fantastic shape come fight night as I’m sure Arthur will improve as well. It really is making for a great fight.”

The former British champion who’s a favorite with many fans and sportsbooks software services left the bout with a lot of credit after he was able to give Abraham plenty of trouble in the ring, but the fighter is confident that he can improve even more.

“Watching it again, I know I can do more,” said Smith. “I’m watching it and I’m not thinking ‘wow, I’ve reached the level I’ve reached, the best I can do.’ I’m watching it now and I’m thinking I should have done that, I should have attacked again and there are a few should ofs that I can get right this time, and make them into reality.

“My confidence has improved knowing that I can go in there at world level and hold my own.

“I’ve said time and time again, a fighter will always believe he can do it, but going in there and knowing you can do it is a different matter. I now know I can handle myself at world level. I know he can’t hurt me and I know I can hurt him.”