Will Kell Brook face Juan Manuel Marquez in the summer?

Kell Brook’s promoter, would like to see Juan Manuel Marquez take on the Sheffield manEddie Hearn, Kell Brook’s promoter, would like to see Juan Manuel Marquez take on the Sheffield man if he’s able to defend his world title in a fight next month, in a clash that bookmaker software services and fans around the world would certainly not mind watching.

Right now, the 28-year-old is getting ready to defend his IBF welterweight title for the first time when he takes on Jo Jo Dan on the 28th of March.

However, Hearn hopes that a win will open the road to a big showdown taking place this year, and he already spoke to Bob Arum – Marquez’s promoter – about a potential fight in Brook’s turf.

“We are in talks. It’s a fight that I would love to make – not just as a promoter but as a huge boxing fan,” said Hearn

Hearn hopes that in the future, Kell Brook will go head-to-head with Juan Manuel Marquez, world-famous Mexican boxing star.

“Juan Manuel Marquez is one of my favourite fighters of all time. I believe a Marquez-Brook fight at Bramall Lane is a massive fight this summer.”

Marquez, who was able to stop Manny Pacquiao, was set back by an injury to the knee, and now Hearn is thinking about other alternatives, with Amir Khan being one of them.

The fighter from Bolton, who’s very well-known with bookmaker software services for his skills in the ring, said that he wants to take on a different opponent after he gave up on a bid to face Mayweather or Pacquiao, who are currently working to end negotiations for a fight set to get underway in May which will most likely prove to be massive.

“We are not limiting ourselves there,” said the promoter. “Brandon Rios is another fight that we really like and Amir Khan remains the fight we would love.

“We’ve had a few chats with their camp and things are moving along in the right direction, but Marquez I believe is the frontrunner right now.

“He’s a legend, we’ve really got to dig deep into our pockets to get him over, but I think he’s got the desire to win a world title. He knows that Kell Brook possesses that.

“He’s just got back into training now. He has had knee problems, he’s making sure they are okay and he’ll look to make a decision. We are in talks with Marquez, Bob Arum and Top Rank and it’s a fight I would love to make.”