Cricket Betting: Indian Government eager to introduce new law on spot

india-cricket-wcup-india-sri-lanka-2011-4-2-12-41-3Cricket betting fans learned that the Indian Government is eager to introduce a new law to counter spot-fixing in the sport.

This comes after arrests made last week of several bookmakers and players, which shocked cricket betting fans everywhere.

On Thursday, Shanthakumaran Sreesanth – former Test bowler well known for his good cricket scores – two other players, and eleven bookmakers were arrested on suspicion of spot-fixing in India’s Twenty20 IPL.

The trio were immediately suspended by the cricket board and were accused of taking money to concede a certain amount of runs in a particular over, altering the cricket scores.

Cricket betting fans found out that Kapil Sibal, India’s Minister of Law, consulted with sports minister Jitendra Singh about a new bill that would be introduced during the next session of the country’s parliament.

Sports secretary PK Deb said: “We have been looking at different ways to control and regulate that part of illegal betting.

“We have been studying how they deal with it in the UK and Australia, and the information we have gathered will be shared with the Law Ministry. But we are still some distance away from it.”

Cricket betting fans know that in India, legal sports betting is confined to horse racing while illegal betting syndicates do very well in the absence of a law that deals with sports corruption.

Estimates from the media put the amount that was gambled on India’s Twenty20 competition for 2009 at $427 million.

Law Minister Sibal said: “We need to have a separate law.

“I don’t think the Indian Penal Code has match fixing and spot-fixing as an offence and I don’t think the ‘offence of cheating’ is something that adequately deals with issues of spot-fixing and match-fixing.

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“I have requested my ministry to work on such a law. Once the broad parameters of the law are made out, I’ll hand it over to the sports ministry to take it to the cabinet and hopefully introduce it in the coming session of the parliament.”