Bet on NFL: Panthers’ Cam Newton becomes a team captain

Cam NewtonQuarterback Cam Newton was voted as team captain by the Carolina Panthers for the first time in his short career in the league, and many fans that enjoy making a bet on NFL believe that the team made a very good move.

Price per head sportsbooks know that this is very important for the former Heisman Trophy winner and first pick of the 2011 draft because throughout the preseason his leadership was in question. Newton wasn’t available for comment before practice on Thursday, but last month at training camp he spoke about the possibility of becoming a captain.

“I recognize, and everyone knows around the league, when you’re a team captain, that’s not just a patch on the jersey,” Newton said. “You’re holding yourself to a higher standard with being accountable. I’m going about it each and every day and trying to make that happen.”

NFL betting fans saw that before practice, the coach revealed his captains after playing with reporters, telling them that “it’s a secret.” So price per head sportsbooks learned that the other five turned out to be left tackle Jordan Gross, center Ryan Kalil, wide receiver Steve Smith, linebacker Luke Kuechly and linebacker Thomas Davis.

The coach said that he told the players that Smith and Gross and were “team captain emeritus,” which means that they were automatically captains and only four votes were open.

Rivera said that Newton’s selection was a significant one, and many fans that bet on NFL believe that the coach made the right decision.

“I think it’s significant because it’s talking about his growth and I’ve been asked that question all through training camp,” Rivera said. “This is part of his growth is that the continues to step up and show his leadership abilities. And he plays a position that you most certainly are put into that position of being a leader.”

Pay per head services saw that there were five captains last year. Rivera added one when realising that NFL rules allow six, and this season he’s using the top six vote-getters instead of one on special teams, two on defense, and two on offense.

And fans that enjoy making a bet on NFL can see that the fact that Newton was voted is means that he still has his teammates’ support him despite two losing seasons.

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“I’m excited about who he’s becoming,” Rivera said. “Last year, you could see he was growing. Cam is still growing, but he’s also a little more mature a little more comfortable, a little more savvy.