Laurent Blanc wants to see Ibrahimovic feature against Lens

PSG manager Laurent Blanc will give players a rest before his side faces Chelsea on WednesdayThis weekend, PSG manager Laurent Blanc will give players a rest before his side faces Chelsea on Wednesday, but white label sportsbooks learned that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not be included in the list.

On Saturday, the Paris outfit will take on Lens at home, and this will happen four days prior to the team facing the Blues in what would be the second leg of the Champions League’s tie in the last-16, which the fans can see is currently at 1-1.

The manager said that he’s not looking to face the same side in both meetings, even though Lyon – who are the current leaders – are still one point ahead of them in Ligue 1.

But the world-famous striker, who’s a big favourite with white label sportsbooks for his huge talent on the pitch, was set to feature in the meeting with Lens as well as the one with Chelsea in order for him to get his full edge back after having been suspended for two games.

“I have every confidence in his ability to deal with his return to the squad,” said Blanc.

Benitez delighted with Napoli’s ‘intensity’ on the pitch

Rafael Benitez, Napoli managerRafael Benitez, Napoli manager, was delighted with his team’s “intensity” when they fought back to get a draw of 1-1 in an away meeting with Lazio on Wednesday. White label sportsbooks also saw a very exciting match, and were impressed with the quality shown by Benitez’s side.

In the Copa Italia’s first leg of the semi-final, Miroslav Klose was the one to score the opener in the first half, but Manolo Gabbiadini evened things out in the middle of the second, with an excellent performance made by Gonzalo Higuain.

The game’s result is leaving the tie in a good position before the second leg gets underway, even though Benitez will without a doubt have plenty of confidence of his side moving on to the final, considering the fact that it’s been six years since Lazio won a meeting at Napoli.

After the game was over, the manager said: “We saw a game with intensity and pace – the rain made it feel like the Premier League – and the players were perfect considering we have so many games at the moment.

Ward doesn’t want to go to the UK to face Froch

Andre Ward is not planning to go to the UK to face Carl FrochAndre Ward is not planning to go to the UK to face Carl Froch, even though ‘The Cobra’ has the mandate of the WBA, but many price per head sportsbooks believe that this fight could very well take place, regardless of the location.

Ward and Froch hold different types of super-middleweight WBA titles, as Ward has the Super World title and ‘The Cobra’ is the regular champion, as well as a big favourite with fans all over the UK.

The Nottingham fighter asked Ward to leave the US and take on him at Nottingham’s City Ground, but apparently the American does not want to leave home to face Froch.

This came behind the WBA ordering a clash between both boxers, but Ward used Twitter to refuse the call of ‘The Cobra’, saying: “Looks like Frochy Froch remembered my name all of a sudden. That’s good to know. Looks like the old man is still kicking.

“Froch could have gotten this fight years ago, but it took the WBA mandating the fight for him to step up. SMH [Shaking my head]. This guy.

“If this fight does happen, Froch is not dictating anything. He must have fell and bumped his head.”