Gerardo Martino was frustrated during the time that he spent at Barca

Gerardo Martino at BarcaGerardo Martino, former Barca manager, said that he “could not be happy” during the time the he spent in charge of the club. Pay per head bookies remember very well what a difficult time he had while working with the Catalan giants, and were paying close attention to what he had to say.

There were many Barca fans who were optimistic when the Argentinian took over at the Catalan Side, yet others did not see things going well with him leading the team. For almost a year – from July of 2013 to May of 2014 – the Argentinian was in charge of the club, and the team’s fans were very disappointed when they saw that the Supercopa de España was the only competition that Barca was able to win in that time.

And Martino said that he was struggling to deal with the massive responsibility that comes with the job – something that Luis Enrique now has.

“These are the feelings one has after 10 months of work and analysing everything,” said the current Argentina manager. “I felt I couldn’t improve this fantastic team and I could not happy at reaching one of the best clubs in the world.

“[The current Barca] is a much improved version. They don’t create as much as a team but they have a very high level of attackers who can decide a game.

“The team evolves over time and players need replacing.”

Then many fans found out that he became the manager of Argentina’s national side, and feels content with the way that Barca is using Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi, especially after the latter had a very tough 2014, something that concerned many of the team’s fans.

“There are two beneficial things happening with Messi and Mascherano,” he added. “Leo starts on the right side and Mascherano is being played in midfield. And that’s good.

“Before Masche only played at centre-back and came to the national team to play in midfield.

“Messi’s been fine in 2015. To determine what happened [in a reported disagreement between Messi and Luis Enrique] without being in the dressing room is difficult.

“He’s getting the ball, competing, creating goals, and involved to the benefit of everyone.”
Barca fans know that coaching the team and assuming all of the responsibilities is no easy task at all for any manager, and many pay per head bookies believe that Barca perhaps was too much for Martino to handle.