Luis Suarez said that he adapted to life at Barca

Luis SuarezLuis Suarez, Barca forward, believes that he was able to properly adapt to life with Neymar and Lionel Messi in the team, and pay per head agents were delighted to learn that the player was able to properly fit in with the club.

As he wasn’t able to play in the season’s initial stages due to a ban after the incident where he bit Giorgio Chiellini in Brazil’s World Cup, the Uruguayan player progressively became a part of the team.

Suarez, who often played with Neymar and Messi, scored on three occasions out of from the 11 times that he played, having scored this month both of those goals.

As Suarez returns to the form that helped the Reds challenge for the title last season in the Premier League, he said that featuring alongside Neymar as Messi helped him get used to football in Spain.

When the 27-year-old was asked if it was easy to play and train with both of these players, he said: “Yes, because they do such incredible things.

“You can never imagine what they are going to do. In training and in matches you start to realise just what they are capable of doing.

“I have to say it’s very easy to play alongside them.

“I don’t know whether [opposition defences are] frightened but they do need to be careful against Barcelona because we have such high quality players. We all know how good Leo and Neymar are.

“Without underestimating opponents, we do know that they have to be wary because those two are capable of deciding matches alone.

“They’ve been playing together for a while and you can see from every game how good that is for the team.”

The Argentinian’s account in La Liga opened last Saturday when Barca took on Cordoba, and pay per head agents saw that the player performed much better in front of goal during the team’s campaign in the UEFA Champions League.

The player also mentioned the styles of defense between La Liga and the Premier League.

“In the Premier [League] and at Liverpool teams rarely close up shop. You always have space to move in, in which to take on opponents,” he continued.

“The defenders are strong, quicker – I was used to them. Here they are more skilful, they complement each other and play tighter together.

“They know how much danger Barca can cause and so it can be quite difficult sometimes.”