Pay per Head Agents: Mirallas won’t need surgery for his hamstring injury

Kevin Mirallas-InjuryEverton’s fans and pay per head agents believe that the team could now be in a much better position, as Kevin Mirallas won’t need to get surgery for his hamstring injury.

The player was injured at Anfield last month when Everton had a 1-1 draw in their game against Liverpool in the Premier League.

Roberto Martinez, Everton manager, was not very optimistic at all at first, but on Thursday he said that the Belgium international would not be in need of surgery.

“Kevin does not need surgery, just conservative treatment,” said the coach. “We hope to have him fully fit soon.

“Kevin has got a typical sprinting injury. We expect him to be out for a few weeks as well.”

The manager also said that Costa Rica’s Bryan Oviedo “reacted well” after a screw was removed from his leg from the injury that he suffered in January. The team heard even more good news, and these involved Ross Barkley, who this season still has to play after a problem with his knee.

“On Monday we expect Ross, with the green light from the medical department, to join the group,” added Martinez.

“Now it’s a matter of getting him match fitness and getting him up to speed. Ross has been working really, really well and I don’t expect any setbacks. I expect Ross, from now on, to have a real clear path to get his match fitness back.

“He’ll be like a fresh, new player for us.”

However, pay per head agents saw that the manager continued to be very careful in his replies when he was asked about his return.

“It depends,” said the coach. “Sometimes it’s a couple of weeks, sometimes it is less. It depends how his body reacts to the work and how quickly he can get the physical element.

“Remember, one of Ross’ biggest strengths is his physicality and how strong he is sometimes helps in terms of getting his match fitness.

“But he has been out for a while and we need to make sure we give him the right work now to make sure he is at his very best. His desire and hunger to be in the team is contagious and that is something I want to have with the group.

“From Monday I want him to be part of it and in probably a couple of weeks we should be able to see Ross in the squad.”