Rugby Betting: Beale talks confirmed by Cheika

indexMichael Cheika and many rugby betting fans were not very happy at all with the Melbourne Rebels over their handling of Kurtley Beale’s departure, and he confirmed that the Waratahs want to re-sign the player.

Rugby betting fans saw that on Saturday, the Rebels released a statement stating that the Aussie full-back would not get a new contract for next season, and this comes just after departing captain Gareth Delve hinted that the team wanted the player to stay with the club.

The Australia international, who this season was suspended twice by the Rebels for alcohol-related incidents off the field, is now holding talks with the 24-year-old fly-half, and many fans that enjoy making a rugby bet would like to see what the outcome of this will be.

Cheika blamed the Rebels, who rugby betting fans saw that last week also released Wallabies back James O’Connor, of bending the truth after not getting Beale’s signature.

“He’s another guy who nobody wants by the sound of it,” Cheika said of Beale. “I noticed that (statement) come out from Melbourne.

“I think that’s a little bit disappointing to be honest that they’d put that out because their captain was out saying a couple of days before saying ‘we want him to stay here and (that) we could play with him no drama’.

“So maybe the fact that that they didn’t get him, they put that out to go against the bloke to make him look like he’s no good – and I think that that’s really bad karma.

“You shouldn’t be doing that to make yourself look good. Go for the player and, if he comes to you, that’s great. If he doesn’t, move on. You don’t have to try and get him in the public eye. That wasn’t necessary from Melbourne.

And fans that enjoy making a rugby bet can see how problematic this situation is proving to be.

“I think it’s very different to the situation with James O’Connor. They’re trying to turn … I don’t know, they’re not telling the truth.”

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Rugby betting fans learned that Cheika spoke about the Waratahs’ desire to lure Beale back after he left Sydney two years ago for the Rebels, saying: “We want him. I’ve said that already, or that we’re talking with him.”