Alan Irvine is in no rush to see Gamboa make his debut for West Ham

Alan IrvineAlan Irvine said that he has not plans to hurry Costa Rica international Cristian Gamboa into starting out in the Premier League. Local bookies believe that West Brom’s head coach should take it easy on the player, considering all that he already went through, and online betting shops fully agree with the manager.

Price per head services and betting sites saw that last week, the club’s new signing arrived in England after he was having his break extended due to his duties in the World Cup, and then he had no choice but to wait to be given a visa.

Online betting shops learned that the manager wants the player to reach the fitness level that is required, and he said that Gamboa may not feature until September – following the international break. The player was able to make a great impression on many betting sites and pay per head agents after his performance in the World Cup, and West Brom’s fans were very happy to see that he joined their ranks.

“On Monday he joined in the technical part of the session so he did the warm-up with the fitness coach, then the technical warm-up with the lads,” he said. “At that point he went out of it.

“Yesterday he did a bit more. He did the warm-up, the technical part, did some possession and joined in some shape work that we did.

“But before the game we took him out because we don’t think he’s ready to take part in a training match yet.

“We will drip him in gradually. He’s a good athlete.

“Physically he will get up to speed quickly but he’s behind it at the moment, obviously because he’s done little training since the World Cup.

“So he’s got a bit to do yet.

And online betting shops also believe that there’s y more for the player to do.

“He won’t be involved this weekend (at Southampton on Saturday) and it might be a big ask for him to be involved in the game at Swansea.

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“So we’re probably looking at him coming back after the international break.”

Online betting shops are well aware of how talented Gamboa is in the sport, and pay per head agents believe that he could prove to be a key asset for the club.