Alejandro Faurlin set to miss the season after surgery

Alejandro Faurlin surgeryAlejandro Faurlin will try to return to full fitness after surgery on his knee, and price per head agents found out that the QPR midfielder’s recovery process is set to take nine months.

Faurlin is looking at another long lay-off from the game after he suffered damage for a third time to his anterior cruciate ligament in what many fans saw as a very shocking defeat last month in the League Cup’s second-round at Burton Albion, a League Two side.

In each one of the past three seasons, the 28-year-old injured his knee ligaments, and the Rangers’ Peter Florida-James, who’s the head of the team’s medical services, said that the Argentinian player is in the hospital recovering after being operated again.

“Ale has had his ACL reconstructed, using a different graft. He also had a very little reinforcement, which is a slightly different operation to the one he had previously,” Florida-James said.

“The surgeon was very pleased with how things went which is positive.

“Ale is still in hospital, but he’s in better spirits now than he was a week or so ago, so we’re all grateful for that.”

He also said that the player will most likely end up missing the season, and that his recovery will take time.

“The rehab will be quite an extensive one, because it’s a repair of a repair, so we’re looking at about nine months to get him back to fitness.”

“His rehab will be fairly slow for the first couple of months, which will be quite frustrating for Ale.

“He’s going to be on crutches for about 6-8 weeks, because of the nature of the repair. After that period, he’ll then start to kick on with his recovery.”

Price per head agents saw that Faurlin was not very lucky at all in the injury department, but they have high hopes to see the player return to full fitness as soon as possible. Hopefully this will be the last time that he has to go through such a long recovery process, and the player’s progress will be very closely monitored.