Arsene Wenger says that the Gunners are not title challengers yet

Arsene WengerEven though on Sunday they gave Aston Villa a big 5-0 pounding, Arsene Wenger and many pay per head services don’t think that Arsenal are title challengers for the Premier League – not yet at least.

The Frenchman believes that it’s too soon to see the team as title challengers after the Gunners beat Villa on Sunday 5-0.

The Gunners find themselves 11 points behind Chelsea – current leaders – even though they eased past Villa and clinched three consecutive wins this season in the Premier League .

Wenger said that on Saturday, both top sides – Manchester City and Chelsea – would have a draw, but points were dropped by both teams, and he does not see them falling to let the Gunners become a part of the title race.

“It’s too early to say that,” said the Frenchman when he was asked if his team was in the race for the title.

“We are 11 points behind. That means they [Chelsea and City] need to lose four games and we need to win four.

“I believe that we should try to be consistent and see what happens.”

Vital players are returning, so the Gunners will get some very valuable help as they try to reach that level of consistency.

On Sunday, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil made highly anticipated comebacks to the team’s starting line-up, and both of them were able to get on the scoresheet, as Ozil also created the Gunners’ first goal for Olivier Giroud.

Yet, the team’s manager believes that there’s still work for them to do before they make it to the top.

“I think [Ozil] still lacks a little bit of competitive edge on the sharpness front, but the quality of his game is exceptional and he is getting back now,” added Wenger.

“He worked very, very hard physically and he is now ready to play again.

“I still think [Walcott] needs more sharpness and contact [challenges from opponents].

“He is a very intelligent player, Theo’s game is about the quality of his movement, where he gets the ball, where he can be dangerous and when he gets in front of goal he can score.”

In September 2013, Ozil was late for deadline day, but pay per head services learned that activity like this is not anticipated by Wenger on Monday, when the transfer window shuts down.

“I don’t think I will be busy,” said the manager.

“We have done everything we wanted.”