Arsene Wenger wants Arsenal to focus more on their attack

Arsene WengerArsene Wenger has no plans to tell the Gunners to go deep with their defence when they take on Manchester United on Monday, and wants them to work more on their attack. Price per head sportsbooks know that the team’s fans hope that the manager’s plan works well.

Arsenal’s fans were very happy to see that in the Premiere League, the team moved up to third place after winning seven out their last eight meetings, and they can’t wait to see what will happen on the pitch in their quarter-final tie of the FA Cup, when they face United.

These wins included a very nice 2-0 victory in January over Manchester city, in a game where the Gunners were highly praised for having made a strong performance with their defence, as well as a great counter-attack, one that impressed fans and pundits alike.

Even though there are some experts who think that the Gunners could be in the semi-finals thanks to those tactics, the Frenchman wants to see his side work more on their attack when they go to Old Trafford to face United in this eagerly anticipated clash.

“At Manchester City, we scored the first goal, then we were on a defensive foot because they had to come out, and that [who scores first on Monday] is not predictable,” said Wenger.

“But what is for sure is both teams will go for it, so that means we will have to attack well and defend well.

“You have to analyse it. You also have to look at ways of possession – is it in your own half or is it in the opponents half? If it is in your half, it can be a bit illusionary possession.

“I still think possession is an important part of the game – you cannot go into a game and say you do not want the ball.

“Sometimes you do not have the ball because your opponent is better, sometimes you are leading 1-0 or 2-0 and your team is focused on defending the advantage.

“But overall I still think it is very important that the sport rewards people and teams who take initiative.”

Arsenal’s fans are anticipating a great performance by the Gunners when they face United, and even though this could prove to be a very tight contest, many price per head sportsbooks believe that they could pull off a win.