Bayern are still looking to sign Reus from Dortmund

Karl-Heinz RummeniggeKarl-Heinz Rummenigge, chief executive for Bayern Munich, spoke again about the interest that his club has to acquire the services of Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund, their rivals in the Bundesliga. Sports software services can see that there’s already plenty of tension between the clubs, and believe that this issue isn’t making things between the teams any easier.

The player – who is a huge talent on the pitch and who could be great asset to any side in the Bundesliga – is able to leave the ranks of Dortmund for an established price, which Bayern reported to be € 25 million, with Rummenigge already saying that his team was interested in having the player join his side during the summer.

Before the weekend’s league clash between both teams, he spoke again about the issuer, while stressing that he has no intentions to upset Dortmund, although many fans can see that there’s already plenty of tension between both sides.

“We know what quality he has and we also know what clause he has,” said Rummenigge.

“A young, Germany international with such quality is probably interesting for us, but I don’t want to cause any ill-feeling with Dortmund.”

There’s the possibility that it’s already too late for this to happen, due to the past comments that he made on Reus and the player’s get-out clause hurting what already is a difficult relation between both sides.

Also, sports software services can see that no improvements were made – to the disappointment of many fans – as Rummenigge said that the Westphalian club have no intentions of sitting this weekend with Bayern, and many fans wonder when this pickle will finally come to an end.

“Borussia Dortmund have informed us that they don’t see any point in eating together with Bayern Munich,” he added.

“Of course our relationship with Dortmund is not good.”

Dortmund was first upset by Bayern when the Bavarian side activated a similar clause in the contract that Mario Gotze had. Many fans remember very well when in 2013 they signed the player for € 35 million.

Robert Lewandowski signed a contract with the club a year afterwards on a free transfer after the Polish player was not looking to extend the deal that he already had with Dortmund, which was coming to an end.

Fans of both clubs would like to see the animosity between them come to a definite end, as there is no way that this very ugly rivalry can help either side.