Carlo Ancelotti backup Ronaldo amidst criticism

Carlo AncelottiCarlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, defended forward Cristiano Ronaldo, and he praised the professionalism shown by the world famous player, something that bookmaker software services believe cannot be denied, considering everything that he already accomplished in the sport.

There was plenty of controversy after the Portuguese striker celebrated his 30th birthday, but the coach backed the player’s professionalism in the sport despite the recent problems surrounding him.

Ronaldo was at a get-together celebrating his 30th birthday, and this took place hours following the 4-0 pounding that Real got on Saturday by Atletico Madrid – in a game that surprised fans around the world – and there were many Real fans that showed their disappointment on Monday, when the team was holding practice.

Jorge Mendes, the player’s agent, immediately defended his client, just like Luis Figo, ex captain of Portugal and Real.

Now the coach entered the debate, as he challenged anybody to dispute the player’s attitude – something that was widely talked about with fans all over the world, who were questioning the player’s overall seriousness.

“I should write a book, or at least, a long chapter on him,” Ancelotti told A Bola, and many fans believe that he could have a very good point. “Cristiano is a player with an efficiency that is unique in today’s football.

“He has an extraordinary talent and he enjoys it with such a professionalism and seriousness that is difficult to find in a player of that level.

“In the changing room he is the leader. He speaks a lot to his team-mates, especially to the young ones.

“He is a very important figure, just like Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas or Marcelo.

“If he continues to feel the passion that he has for what he does, he can continue until who knows when, thanks to his great physique and unique genetics.”

Many fans that follow Ronaldo know that it’s very difficult to put the player’s professionalism in question. All that is needed is to take a look at all that he was already able to accomplish in the sport, as this is clear evidence that he’s not messing around when it comes to playing and preparing for a game.

The team did suffer a slump when they lost to Atletico, but bookmaker software services know that this doesn’t define how they will continue to perform in future matches, and Ronaldo’s partying on his birthday doesn’t define anything either.