Dave Whelan banned for six weeks after making racist comments

Dave Whelan, Wigan chairmanDave Whelan, Wigan chairman, was hit with a suspension from all activities related to football for a period of six weeks after insulting Chinese and Jewish people, something that fans all over the world did not take very well at all, and pay per head bookies can fully understand why they were angry after they learned about his comments.

Whelan accepted a charge of aggravated misconduct, was given the order to go through an education programme, and was also slapped with a £50,000 fine, as well as a warning about his behaviour in the future.

The chairman was now given seven days for the ban to be appealed. Many fans and the football world in general wonder what he will ultimately decide to do.

The 78-year-old’s ban from the sport would be adjourned only until after the results of his appeal are released, or if the ban happens to be accepted by Whelan, it would go into effect immediately.

The comments by Wigan’s chairman were made while in defence of his decision to appoint Malky Mackay as the boss of Latics, even though the Scot was subject to an inquiry involving alleged anti-Semitic and racist texts that he sent while being at the helm of Cardiff City.

The club released a statement responding to the suspension given, and said that according to the case’s complete findings – which the FA still must publicise – the commission came to the conclusion that the chairman “is not a racist”.

“Wigan Athletic can confirm the findings of an independent regulatory commission following statements made by chairman Dave Whelan in the Guardian newspaper on November 20,” read a statement.

“In summary, the FA commission concluded that: ‘We are satisfied on the evidence before us that Mr Whelan is not a racist. We are equally satisfied on the evidence before us that Mr Whelan did not intend to cause any offence by his comments.

“It is clear that he himself is very upset by the words he used and he moved very quickly to apologise publicly, plead guilty and begin to make amends’.”

Racism or racist comments appear to be very common in the football world, and pay per head bookies know very well that this is not something to take lightly at all. Many fans believe that the best thing that Whelan can do is to publicly apologise, and hopefully he does not hold any real racism.