Dunga praises Neymar after his four goals against Japan

Neymar four goals against JapanDunga and price per head agents were delighted with Neymar after the player was able to score all four of Brazil’s goals when his team beat Japan on Tuesday 4-0 at the Singapore Stadium.

The world-famous striker was the one to take out Japan thanks to a hat-trick made in the second-half as a very solid start to Dunga’s second spell as the national team’s coach went on.

The coach was full of praise for the Barcelona star – and with very good reason – as he scored for Brazil the very first four-goal drive since Romario did it in 2000 when his team took out Venezuela. Dunga saw Brazil win on four occasions for as many games since he returned to the coaching role.

Brazil’s fans were very happy to see that the team did not concede a single goal since their shockingly bad performance at the World Cup played at home, and Dunga said that the passion and enthusiasm that Neymar has for football was able to bring out the very best in the player.

“When we started with the Selecao, we said that we would all contribute to growth of Neymar,” the player said after leading Brazil to the win.

“He assumed the matter of the captaincy well. Neymar enjoys playing football and is not satisfied with just a little. If he was playing with friends he would have the same enthusiasm as he does playing for the Selecao.

“With the creativity that he has, he can do something different every game.”

Before the Copa America gets underway next year in Chile, Brazil will finish their schedule in 2014 when they take on Turkey as well as Austria, and fans all over the world anticipate a great performance by the team when these games get underway.

Price per head agents know that Brazil is looking to bounce back from their very unsatisfactory performance at the World Cup, and many believe that under the guidance of Dunga, they could have very good chances of making it very far in the sport once again.